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"The Building of Miss Thriftway!"

Moving Day

January 7, 2006 - Moving Day
Click on the links below and view videos from this milestone day for the Miss Thriftway Crew. We removed the hull from Robs shop, rolled her over, slung her onto our trailer, tilted her and took her to Larrys shop...
all in about 2 hours!

Weight as is: 2120 lbs.

These are big files (3MB+ each) so a broadband connection is going to perform the best

The Roll
Move to trailer
The First tilt
Leaving Wheelers
Arriving at Larrys shop

Starbucks Photos
Turbine Miss Thriftway
Miss Thriftway Returns to Stan Sayres Pits!
August 5, 2005
Here she comes! After a five hour marathon by your Vashon crew and friends, Fred Lelands 2000 hull, complete with bright orange stripes, pulled into Stan Sayers pits to get ready for qualifying. Unfortunately, after multiple attempts, Steve Hook was unable to get Miss Thriftway out for a qualifying try. She was trailered and will be out first thing on Saturday morning for her qualifying attempt.

Pictures of the Turbine Miss Thriftway

Thanks to all who participated in getting the graphics on the boat and making it look so sharp: Julie at FastSigns in Southcenter, Dave Vallancourt, Darren Olson, Peter Orton, Andy Thompson, Alan McDonough, Larry Fuller, Steve Payne and Stuart Jones.
Seafair Results:
Heat 1A: Throttle cable was kinked and Steve Hook felt it was unsafe. Pulled into infield and shut down...DNS

Heat 2B: Tried to do the slow start with the rest of the field and took in too much water and stalled the engine...DNS

Heat 3B: Engine stalled and was not able to restart and be on plane at the 1 minute mark. Boat was on plane at the 40 second mark, completed laps but was disqualified...DSQ

Provisional: Upon closing canopy lid, the latch malunctioned and would not stay closed...DNS

Miss Thriftway Returns to Seafair After 42 Years!
(August 1, 2005)
Fred Leland has announced that Thriftway Food Stores have sponsored one of his Unlimiteds for the 2005 Chevrolet Cup at Seafair. 2005 represents the 50th Anniversary of the first apperance at the Seattle race for a Miss Thriftway. Steve Hook has been tagged to drive the White and Orange Miss Thriftway and the boat will be carrying the familiar U-60 number which represented the number of Thriftway stores in existence during the intial sponsorship by Associated Grocers which was then represented by Willard E. Rhodes.

Now for another cool part of this...
Vashon Unlimiteds will be supplying and installing the graphics on the Leland hull. Thanks to David Williams of the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum who put Lelands team in touch with us, Steve Compton, Steve Payne, Larry Fuller, Alan McDonough, Stuart Jones, Darren Olson (UL-72 Miss Boat Electric and 1980 U-1 Miss Budweiser) and Dave Vallancourt (U-6 Miss Madison/Oh Boy! Oberto Turbine) will be trying to adapt the familiar pointed striped deck and tail graphics to the current picklefork turbine hull.
Time trials are to begin Friday morning, so if you're going to be out at Lake Washington, look for the Leland camp with three boats including the U-60 Miss Thriftway!

6th Annual Summer Picnic to be August 14th
August 2005)
The annual Summer bash will take place at Larry Fullers on Sunday, August 14th this year. In addition to the mounds of food, the annual Vashon Cup will be held on the front lawn. Last years winner, Mary Compton, will be in attendance to defend her title.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Larry at 206-463-9529 for directions and admission requirements (what dish you'll need to bring!)
9207 SW 183rd Place
Vashon, WA.

From either ferry, get to the blinking stop light in downtown Vashon. From Fauntleroy, turn left, from Tahlequah, turn right onto Bank Road, and proceed until the road turns to the right and becomes Beall Road. Proceed approx 1/2 mile to 183rd Place (look for an orange traffic cone) and turn right (it's actually a driveway!)

Leo Vanden Berg Leo Vanden Berg takes the Final Checkered Flag!
(October 24, 2004)
Our sport lost a true gentleman, a kind individual as well as a legend when Leo Vanden Berg passed away on Sunday, October 24, 2004. I had the honor to get to know Leo when he was chasing parts for the Budweiser in the mid 90's. He would come into Compton Lumber to pick up a few things, and we'd always end up talking about the old boats. It was my hope that Leo would be able to see our Miss Thriftway running out on Lake Washington next to the boat he had so much success with, and Dixon Smith has meticulously restored, the 1962 Miss Bardahl. Unfortunately, we won't have the pleasure of Leo on the shore when that day comes, but I'm sure he'll be taking some time out to watch from a much better seat!
We'll miss you Leo, Thanks for all you did for the sport!

Steve Compton
Seattle Times Article

Click for a larger view Peter Orton and Susan Echols Engaged!.
(October 2, 2004)
When Susan Echols was told she was going for a ride at the Museums annual trek over to Lake Chelan, she was apprehensive to say the least! Even with her beau, Peter Orton driving, she was still nervous about going so fast over water. Little did she know that would be the least of the surprises! Peter had Larry and Karen Fuller hang on to the ring until just before her ride. Only a few people knew what was going to happen, so when Peter stopped the Miss Burien at the end of the second lap, the "patrol" boats, with cameras already focused, approached the hydro and captured the moment on tape and film (digital that is). Wedding date took place January 15, 2005!

Contratulations you two, from ALL your friends!!!!

Thriftway Too needs a Griffon!!!
(August 8, 2004)
The Wednesday night work parties are going to expand into MONDAYS TOO! George would like you gear heads to come on down and work on the FOUR Griffons he has sitting next to the Toos hull. He has cleaned out your own work area (totally enclosed and separate from where the hull is being built) so you can have your own space! So...if you've ever wanted to get your hands greasy on one of the pinnicle engines of the piston era, email George with any questions. (See Thriftway TOO section for address and driving instructions)

The TOO has been rolled over and is now ready for the deck and systems! Check out the Pictures of the TOO!
(December 26, 2003)
During the evaluation of our engine parts, it was decided we explore the cost of having new pistons manufactured. We went to the premier piston manufacturer in the U.S., Arias Pistons in Gradena, California. The price was very reasonable so we sent them a sample and they manufactured a full set for us. On December 26, 2003 Arias published a very nice press release about the U-60 Miss Thriftway project. Take a look and see what other racing camps have used Arias Pistons while you're there!
Arias Pistons Web Site

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