"The Building of Miss Thriftway!"
Crew Biographies

Steve Payne Co-Owner - Crew Chief Steve Payne of Vashon Island, WA.
(aka "Chief" or "Sparky")

Steve is the former owner of Vashon Auto Parts (retired as of July 1, 2005), a NAPA affiliate, and has been a volunteer member of the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum for many years. His accomplishments include, helping refurbish the Hawaii Kai III, crew member of the Museums 1967 Miss Budweiser and crew chief of the 1955 Miss Thriftway replica.

Larry Fuller Co-Owner - Engine/Hull Larry Fuller of Vashon Island, WA.
(aka "Lars")

Larry is sole propritor of K&L Repair on Vashon. Larry worked closely with Roger Newton during the restoration of the hull that was built in 1962 as the Notre Dame, but in 1967 ran as Miss Budweiser. When Roger was asked to be crew chief of Ken Muscatels U-25 Turbine, he turned the reins over to Larry who headed up the crew to finish the hull then spent the next five years (1999-2004) as driver and crew chief. The Miss Thriftways Allison engines were built at Larrys shop and the hull was moved into the shop from Robs for the final 1-1/2 years of the build.

Steve Compton Co-Owner - Woodworking/Hull Steve Compton of Sammamish, WA.
(aka "Woody")

Steve is one of the family owners of Compton Lumber in Seattle. Steve raced the radio controlled hydros in the early 80's, crewed on a 280 limited hydro (now 5 liter) and has worked as a part-time volunteer with various unlimited teams over the years.

Steve recently purchased the 280 he crewed on back in the 80's, THE GOLD STREAK, and is currently restoring her so he can participate in the APBA Region 10 Vintage events when he's not working on MISS THRIFTWAY.

Peter Orton Engine Specialist Peter Orton of Kent, WA.

Peter is a large engine mechanic by trade. He put his talents to work at the Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum for many years and was chiefly responsible for helping get the Mussum boats running. Peter was the main mechanic during the shooting of the movie "Madison".

It was under Peters watchful eye, and direction the current engine in MISS THRIFTWAY was machined and assembled. We are extremely grateful to have Mr. Orton as part of our team!

wayne Crew Wayne Hill of Seattle, WA.

Wayne is the Vice President of the Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum. Wayne has been involved with the vintage unlimiteds for a very long time (he doesn't want everyone to know HOW long!). Wayne has crewed on many of the Museum's boats, but as the newer people came on board, he gave up his position and now works with us to keep MISS THRIFTWAY safe.

Flash Crew Jim "FLASH" Johnston of Auburn, WA.

If you have met Flash, you'll know why he fits in with our group! Always with a smile, and willing to do just about anything for the team, Jim works with us when the MISS WAHOO has their full compliment of crew. Jim was a steady participant during the WAHOO build, and then realized he wanted to do MORE! Jim's electrical engineering background has been put to good use by not only the vintage group, but the Unlimited Lights as well. He was instrumental in helping get the UL-9 team back on the water for the 2010 racing season.

Monte Crew Monte Aversano of Seattle, WA.

We're not exactly sure, but Monte has been around the boats for so long, we think that he knew Gar Wood. Larry and Payne met Monte at the Museum during the restoration of the 1967 Miss Budweiser. When Larry was tagged to be Crew Chief and Driver, Monte and Steve were his crew. Monte has been with the Vashon guys since then. Always ready with a joke, Monte has been adopted by most of us as "Dad"...always keeping us in line!

Clarence Freeman Crew Dr. Clarence Freeman, DDS of Seattle, WA.

Long time Museum member, and former Board of Director, Clarence is a retired dentist who has always been willing to help us out any time we've asked. Clarence worked on the Museums Oh Boy! Oberto as a crew member for many years. Clarence commuted to Vashon during the building of the first engine. Known around the U-60 camp as the "Rat King", you'd know it was Clarence coming when you hear the roar from his Cadillac powered Rat Rod, aka "Ratillac"

Stuart Jones Support Coordinator Stuart Jones of Vashon Island, WA.
(aka "Peso")

Stuarts interest in hydro and auto racing has spanned many years. He was an active crew member for the 1967 Miss Budweiser and 1959 Miss Century21. Stuart has been a hydro fan his whole life and has been instrumental in procuring many major components for Miss Thriftway.


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