"THE Engine!"

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MAY 29, 2004
Today the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum had its Grand Opening. We were honored to be asked to bring the completed engine down for display. It was estimated that close to 500 people attended over the six hour event which included "Hydro Fever" where a dozen collectors displayed, and sold, hydroplane collectibles and memorabilia.

Vashon Unlimiteds would like to take this time to once again express our deepest appreciation to David Williams and the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum for the opportunity we have been given to work on these awesome pieces of history. Without the Museum we would not have had the knowledge or confidence to even begin to think we could take on this project. Thank you David, Peter, Clarence, Steve, Dane, Alan, Lloyd and all those who have given your time to make Miss Thriftway come back to life. We can't wait to see her on the water making noise and a roostertail!
Here are some photos of the completed engine on the test trailer at the Museum on Opening day.

The crew

Data Plate

Overhaul Plate

As of March 1st, 2004 the engine is pretty much complete. The crew is now turning their attention to fabricating a test trailer where there will be an onboard fuel tank, oil tank and ignition console. Unlike the past where a HUGE propller was attached so there could be a load put on the engine for performance purposes, we're just going to hook up a hose for cooling and let it run. When the day comes (soon according to Larry) and we kick her over for the first time, I'll be there with the video camera and will post the clip here!

MARCH 2004

Spark plug wires COMPLETE!

Carb is now in place


Number of pieces required for ONE set of DLFN points

Dead Center Stick

Timing Wheel

The wiring looms in place

Time to start thinking about the SECOND engine!

Dane & Larry Vanderhoef getting ready to button it up

Final attachment of the valve cover


Larry helping build Mr. O's Shop

Dane and Clarence at the Museum building "The Wall"


Peter Applying the new ring compressor

Almost Ready!

Bank in position

All nuts are safety wired

Before pistons

Mounting the lifting hook

Clarence expanding the rings on the pistons

Pistons in place

Applying the compression ring

Chief applying head gasket sealant

Getting Ready!

It's now or never!

The Crew


Gears & bearings for gear box

Rob working on intake

Larry getting the gears ready for installation

Chief installing the carborator studs

Ready for the carb!

Checking clearance

Gears in place

Lower gear=16 teeth
Upper gear=45 teeth
Ratio 1:2.81

The banks are back!

Rob & Dane installing the valves

Valve spring compression tool
(ala Science Officer)

In goes the cam shaft!

Peter, Rob and Stu working on the gear box


Stuart with Bendix


Copper end on distributor

Completed distributor

Wire loom with plug wires




MAY 2003

Engine Block

Engine Bank Completed

Engine Bank Completed

Engine Bank Completed

Super Charger Completed

Larrys Parking spot!

Motivation wall in Larrys shop

On May 9th the culmination of two years of hard work by all involved with the engine took a giant leap forward. The crankshaft was installed and the block was bolted together. Steve & Dane Sorensen took many photos on that momentous day. Click on the link at the top of the page to view the photos from May 9th.

MARCH 2003

Engine Block

Banks after painting

Super Charger with studs

Engine Block

Bottom End

Engine Banks

Engine Banks

Super Charger

Valve Cover

This is what we DON'T want!!!

Polished SuperCharger

Cam Gears

Modified Pistons

Polished Brass reiforced hoses

These are the photos from when Steve Larry and Rob acquired the engines from Lloyd Jett:

Lloyd Jett with Steve Payne & Rob Wheeler

Larry with engine

Larry with engine

Steve Payne
Trip to Los Angeles to see Joe Yancey and horse trade parts and "stuff"

Peter Orton & Joe Yantze

More engine shots

W-24 from Scooter Too

W-24 from Scooter Too

W-24 from Scooter Too

W-24 from Scooter Too

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