"1955 Gale V"


March 15, 2008
Here are the latest pics of the GALE. The all of the sides are on and the bottom plywood is all rough cut. The rear plywood is trimmed to fit the non-trip. The aluminum is all marked for the bottom. The plywood will be installed after the transom reinforcing aluminum is installed. The forward deck frames are installed. The sponson frames are being fitted with the sheers before installation because it’s easier to trim with them off the boat. They will be installed when this process is completed. We’re moving right along.

I now have a rudder bracket and whip strut. The folks from Claremore OK will be here in about a week to see about the rudder and rear strut.

The trailer is 90% done with all hydraulics working well. The decking is cut and being installed. Sure looks good. Just need the bunks. In the pic of the trailer builders, Zane is on the left and David on the right.

Thanks for all of the help.


March 2007
As with the Thriftway, I began with locating and purchasing an Allison engine. I have had the engine about 16 months and am down to removing the banks. I still need to locate left hand gears for the accessory section. I now have a turn over stand and hope to have it painted by this weekend and will begin removing the banks.

My shop is 34’ wide and 70’ long, and is heated for winter work. I then constructed a table 4’ wide and 16’ long for plan layout and frame assembly. Note that I copied the Thriftway’s idea as I will throughout this project. Ron Jones, AKA "The Master" drew some quality plans and with the pics from Bardahl and Thriftway, I am confident in completing the project.

January 2007
One engine stringer is complete. The aluminum for the other is cut and now needs gluing. That should be done next weekend. The GALE shop had unexpected distinguished visitors last Saturday. Ed and Barbra Cooper visited the shop and I got some more pointers on the engine building. They are truly delightful people.

September 17, 2006
I took the week of 11 Sept off and spent five days boat working. I am constructing the engine stringers from 12 mm Okoume plywood. I will laminate two 12 mm pieces together with a 6mm piece and aluminum. So far I have one 12 mm stringer complete and will use this as a pattern to complete the other pieces. I also have the deck frames 10 through transom done. I made five laminations (three spruce and two oak) and to get the correct deck angle made a cap strip when glued in place gives the correct deck angle and height. I owe Steve Compton a debt for ripping all the spruce deck laminations to size. It sure made my work easier. Thanks Steve.
This work took most of the week as I spent a lot of time measuring to get the parts right. Once I get the stringers laminated I will begin making frames since most of those parts are now done. Then…on to the assembly jig!!

May 2006
All the inside gussets are done, and I'm working on the sponson gussets. I have a machinist friend who is making a recreation of the timing tools. He is doing a fabulous job. As soon as I get my digital camera fixed (it got dropped) I will send more pics. I am working on the deck beams. I have my third engine and it is coming apart. It is left hand F model with fuel pump and starter. In will be pulling banks this week on the E engine. I wanted to take pics but the camera is broken. I might borrow one. Thanks for everyone's help. Bill

December 2005
Everyone is finally healed at home so now its serious wood cutting time again. All the oak pieces are cut. I have spent the last month with scale drawings of plywood parts laying them out on scale "plywood sheets" to be sure I have enough. It looks good so far. I completed the layout of the sides and engine stringers today so its now time to tackle the full scale layout. As far as the engines: I found a book on e-bay with allison tool drawings and are having them made so I should have a fairly complete set of special tools when they are completed.

October 2005
Today was engine moving day. My neighbor is Nick Neece, the one on the tractor. We got both engines and accessory section moved into the engine shop. I can now transfer one engine to the rollover stand and begin removing the banks. Before I do that however, I will turn the engine over and oil the cylinders, pistons, wrist pins, crank etc so that when a bank comes off I won’t scratch anything. I am still awaiting the original plans so I can start cutting plywood.

Moving the first engine was a little exciting. Half way to the engine shop the engine slipped toward one end and we had to put it down quick and re-adjust the sling. It went fine from there. The second engine was better balanced and the move was easier. Nick helped with building the shop where the engines were before they were moved. Found and bought a mag switch. Found a machine shop that can make the struts, stuffing box etc.

August 2005
Hello from the GALE V shop. I am now cutting wood!! I have the oak pieces for the first 4 frames done and have started frame 5. The engine shop is complete and I await modification of the rollover stand and an engine lift that I designed to complete disassembly of the two engines. The F model engine is coming apart nicely. I plan to start gluing the bottom and deck laminations in a couple weeks. Beginning this Tuesday I will begin cutting out the engine stringers. I really don’t expect much help until the boat begins to take shape. I’m still looking for pictures of the GALE if anyone has any.

May 2005
I now have a stack of white oak milled to 1 inch thickness. Now I need a magic wand to convert it into boat parts. The rollover stand is done except for the paint.

April 2005
I have ordered 300 bf of white oak which I will pick up by the 28th. The turn over stand is near done. I set the axis of rotation of the frame to match the engine CG so I won’t need special gears etc to turn the engine. Next is to pick up the plywood, glue and screws and frame work will begin. I have purchased a 111 series engine which I will pick up in May. I can’t go quite as fast as others because so far I’m working alone.
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