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Last Update: March 13, 2007

Bill Black of Neosho, Missouri has taken on the task of creating a replica of the Miss Thriftways nemisis, the 1955 Gale V. Bill, who is from Seattle, always felt a little guilty because he LOVED the Gale V. He liked the lime green color against the natural mahogany, he loved the quirky charm of "Wild Bill" Cantrell and he loved a great race and the rivalry that goes along with it. Bill is an accomplished physician, pilot and teacher. He loves to learn and while watching our Thriftway project, he decided to make the Gale V happen. Just like us, he's started with an Allison, but is now taking a woodworking class where he has access to materials, advise and equipment.

Keep watching this section as Bill supplies me with more photos and updates!

Email Bill at: wrblack@peoplepc.com

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